Best Guide from Singapore to Legoland

Best Guide from Singapore to Legoland

The traffic between Singapore and Legoland is increasingly becoming busy every time. The reason being the high level of interest people have in Legoland. The interests range from holiday tours, leisure trips, to business engagement. Are you planning to join the thousands of people traveling each day to Legoland Johor? Well, the good news is, you have the liberty to do so conveniently using a bus. Several benefits will accrue to you if you decide to travel by bus. Some of the advantages include cheaper fare, convenient booking, and comfort while going. The best guide to traveling along this route encompasses the following:

Ultimate guide

Book a ticket online

hghggghghghWhen planning to travel by bus, the first thing to consider is booking a ticket. You have the freedom to reserve your ticket through the internet. You can visit the websites of one of the bus companies you prefer and book your traveling document at your convenience.

It helps you avoid spending unnecessary money and time to seek manual ticket reservation. Bus ticket booking involves indicating your details and the number of people you plan to travel with on the journey. You should also identify the day of your trip to avoid mess ups.

Select a bus company

The number of firms offering bus transportation services is high on the route. The most popular ones include Superior Coach & Tour and WTS Travel & Tours. What you have to do to enjoy your trip is selecting a company of your choice. Different firms have various services and facilities that distinguish them. You can base it on other customers’ recommendations or your preference. Whatever the case, make sure you have choice well known.

Pick a convenient departure time

The distance between Singapore and Legoland is only forty-five kilometers. It then translates to over forty minutes traveling duration by a bus. Having this in mind, you should indicate your traveling time on the ticket. The buses operate regularly between Singapore and Legoland. It is incumbent upon an individual to decide the departure time deemed appropriate and convenient. The bus companies also have a timetable that can guide you with your choice.

Choose a pick-up and pick-off point

wqsszxxvbAnother important guide necessary is the terminal at which you would like to board and drop. For those preferring to travel by WTS Travel & Tours buses, your pick-up point is the Singapore Flyer. However, for people traveling by Superior Coach Buses, Lavender MRT is the pick-up point. The guide is suitable for you because it helps you to choose your bus based on the convenient pick-up point for you.