Factors to Consider When Buying a Hamster Cage

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hamster Cage

Getting the best habitat for your hamster is a great deal for those who own those lovely pets. There are many different types of cages, all with different features. Getting to know which will be the most suitable cage is not easy, and should be taken very seriously. There are a couple of factors that you can take into consideration to help you with the decision. Some of the main ones include:

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For a cage made of wire bars, the space in between the wires should be carefully analyzed. If the space is not right, your hamster might have a chance of escaping or may get a limb trapped. Getting a cage that has smaller bar area means that the hamster will be safe and secure. It will also not be able to kick bedding or food out of the cage.


The size of the cage is another crucial factor to consider. The length and the width are what matters the most, not the height. Hamsters prefer living in open areas meaning that the large hamster cages are preferable to small sized ones. However, you should also consider the space requirements of your house as well.


The primary material used to construct the cage is another factor. Hamsters may develop a chewing habit and chew through the cage material. Depending on the character of your hamster, choose the appropriate material that will suit it.


The cage that you are buying should have enough ventilation for your hamster. Keep in mind the ventilation status of the location where you will maintain the cage and factor it in when considering ventilation. Try to aim for a place with constant temperature.


Just like any other pet, hamsters are also bound to mess up their cage. You need to select a cage that is easy to clean. Wire cages are easier to clean thanks to the base that separates from the wire bars.


Ensure that the cage is very secure, such that the hamster cannot open its doors. Top access doors with clipping mechanism are always better regarding security. The material that the cage is made of should be chew proof to ensure the hamster cannot chew its way out.


The cage style is another key factor. Style varies with every individual, and you should pick one that appeals the best to you. Ensure that you have weighed all the pros and cons of your chosen style and get a good deal for it.