Smart Doorbells for Your Safety

Smart Doorbells for Your Safety

A door bell may seem like a simple enough device to many, and we all would run to the door, and even our dog would start barking at the sound it produces, but, is the sound enough? In the past, this little invention for the home was to alert the occupants of someone at the door, but now, with technology, it has also become a security device that can save you from unwelcome visitors.

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In the past, when someone rings the bell, we will go and open the door before we actually know who is out there. However, if it is someone who is not welcome or someone who has bad intentions of hurting you or robbing your house, you would want to know before you open the door. A traditional doorbell does not identify the person on the outside, but a smart one with an integrated camera can save your life and belongings.

Smart Doorbells

These types of devices have been around for a while, but they were rather expensive, and many people could not have afforded it. However, now almost anyone can buy one and if you want to learn more about them read the ring pro vs skybell hd review, and you can see the available options. These devices give you the ability to see who is at the door before you open it. Is it really the best idea to go to your door and ask who is it and trust that hearing a familiar voice means it will be safe to open the door?

If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, there could be someone who has a weapon on a friend of yours who is at the door. Your friend may identify themselves, but as soon as you open the door, you will be pushed aside by others, and you will end up the victim of a robbery or something worse.

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These devices have wide angle lenses that can help you see who it outside up to 180 degrees. Unlike the peephole which would not give a great angel, the smart doorbells video camera lenses will show people who may be hiding on the side away from the individual who is at the door. These devices contain two part, the one on the outside which is the button and the camera lens the inside part which is the screen, which shows the image and allows you to have a two-way conversation with the person outside.


Safety is paramount in today’s world and if you want to know who is at the door before you put yourself at risk, get one of these devices, and you can be safe.